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Good reading for the heart and soul. Applying these truths can help you find Jesus and grow in Him.
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By Charles Box

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A Command For Everyone
A Deeper Look at Christianity
A Demon on a Bridge
A Dog To His Own Vomit
A Donkey Demonstrates Obedience
A Great Church In A Great City
A More Spiritual Boy or Girl in 30 Days
A Most Unusual King James Expression
A New Creature In Christ
A New You Before A New Year Begins
A Parable of Lost Opportunity
A Pig Preaches Forgiveness
Appreciation Leads To Thanksgiving
A Race To The Bottom
A Rooster Reminds Us To Be Humble
A Sheep Shares Trust
A Soul Winner For Jesus
A Strange Sin
A Time For Living Faith
A Turning Point in Biblical History - Acts 2: 1-47
A Very Strange Question
A Willing Mind and a Work WE CAN DO
Abounding In The Work Of The Lord
Advantages Money Can't Buy, But Love Provided
After Three Days I Will Rise Again
Alternate Life Style Or Sin
America Wants God's Blessings, But Does Not Want God
An Honest Examination of Bible Truths
An Invitation From Jesus
An Open Bible And An Honest Heart
An Open Bible And An Honest Heart (3)
An Open Bible And An Honest Heart (4)
An Unchanging God In A Changing World
Are All Who Are Baptized Christians?
Are You Growing Spiritually?
Are You Thankful?
BARAK-Among the Faithful
Barak, In The Hall Of Fame
Be A Man And Answer God
Be a Student of God's Word
Beatitudes From the Epistles
Because I Am A Christian
Behold Your God
Be Faithful Unto Death
Believing To The Saving Of The Soul
Be Serious About Our Christian Life
Be Ye Doers of the Word
Bible Pictures of Jesus
Bible Teaching On Prayer
Bible Thoughts About Salvation
Blessings Of Salvation in Christ
Blood Atonement
Book Inspired By God - Lesson One
Bringing Sons To Glory
Building Christian Families
Change Your Life Forever
Changes In A Storm
Changing Our World, One Person At A Time
Changing The World Through God's Powerful Word
Characteristics of Christ's Church

Choices and Consequences
Christ Made Disciples
Christian Manner of Life
Christian Life
Christian Responsibility
Christianity and Trials
Christianity, The Better Way
Christians Are to Live "As"
Christians Can Never Walk In Darkness
Christians Must Be Faithful
Church Growth
Come And See
Come On Mr. President
Comparisons Made By God
Confess Your Faults One To Another

Dealing With The Disorderly
Departing From The Living God
Destiny of the Lost
Destiny of the Saved
Devotionals From Psalms
Did Our Gospel Meeting Do Any Good?
Directions For Your Heart
Does God Answer Prayers
Don't Move Away From The Truth
Drawn To Jesus By Love
Earthly Life - Heavenly Decisions
Encouragement For Daily Living
Evangelism: Obligation and Opportunity of the Local Church
Evangelism in the Book of Acts
Faith Demonstrated for Seven Days
Faithfully Assembling With The Saints
Faithfulness to God Leads to Greater Blessings
Fear Of The Lord
Finally Brethren
Five Sobering Bible Truths
Fleeting Life
Flip-Flops, Short Shorts and Worship
Following Jesus Daily
Food Stamps, Bud Light And Babies
Fools Mock At Sin
From Gratitude to Generosity
Fruits of Righteousness
Getting To Know God's Special People
Getting Use To The Darkness
Give Thanks To The Lord
Give Thanks Unto The Lord
Giving And Relationship With God
Giving With Gladness
Goals and Desires for 2008
God And The Government
God Bless America
God Expects Much of Us
Godliness With Contentment Is Great Gain
God's Cure for Worldliness
God Gives Victory Over Temptation
God's Grace-Our Response
God's Kind of Family
God I Fair And Impartial
God Is Great And Worthy Of Honor
God Is In The Darkness
God Is Our Heavenly Father
God Is To Be Held In Reverence
God Wants Your Heart
God's Precious Word
God's Promises to the Giver
God's Sermon To A Sinful Nation
Gospel of Christ
Great Bible Truths
Great Truth From God
Guided By God's Instruction
Happiness of the Wicked
Has God Asked Too Much?
Have We Found The Kingdom of God?
He Was a Good Samaritan
Healed of Leprosy
Hearkening Unto The Voice Of God
Heaven - The Rest That Remains
Help From God For Uncertain Times
Helping Those Who Have Fallen
Honest Searching of Heart - Addictions
Honor The Lord With Your Possessions
How Are You Spending Your Days
How Can I Be Happy With All These Troubles?
How Does God View Sin?
How Does Our Giving Affect Our Relationship With God?
How is the Blood Applied?
How Sins Are Forgiven
How to be a Great Servant of God
I Could See My Faults If...
I Have Played The Fool
I Heard Angels Sing
I've Been Redeemed
I Want To Be In The Church That Is In The Bible
I Want To Go To Heaven
I Will Build My Church
I Will Just Keep Preaching It
If Christ Is Not Alive Christians Have No Hope
If I Really Want To Go To Heaven
If You Know And Believe The Word Of God
If We Love Jesus
I'm Yours Lord
Is It In Your Heart To Pray?
Is One As Good As Another?
It Does Make A Difference
It Just Makes Sense
It Really Was That Simple
Jeremiah - Righteousness
Jeremiah The Prophet
Jesus Brings Hope Out Of Tragedy
Jesus Built His Church
Jesus Helps Those Who Are Tempted
Jesus Is Our Refuge
Jesus Is The Door
Jesus Is The True Teacher
Jesus Pictured in Scripture
Just A Bright and Shining Star?
Just A Little Baby Boy
Just An Old Oak Tree
Just Some Things The Lord Hates?
Keys to a Happy Life
Know The Commandments
Know Your Enemies
Kudzu, Combines and Bats
Learning From John About Jesus
Learning To Give Like Jesus
Learning To Love Like Jesus
Learning to Overcome
Learning To Please God - Lesson One
Learning To Please God - Lesson Two
Learning To Please God - Lesson Three
Learning To Please God - Lesson Four
Learning To Please God - Lesson Six
Learning To Please God - Lesson Seven
Learning To Please God - Lesson Eight
Learning To Please God - Lesson Nine
Learning To Please God - Lesson Ten
Learning To Please God - Lesson Eleven
Learning To Please God - Lesson Twelve
Learning To Please God - Lesson Thirteen
Learning To Say "I Will", And Mean It


Lessons From The Horrible Disease Of Leprosy
Lessons Learned From The Death Of Sarah
Lessons Learned From Thomas
Lessons Learned In Annai
Let Me Tell You About A Man
Life Made Better by Faith, Hope, & Love
Living A Holy Life
Living In Two Worlds
Living to God
Love For God and Value of Common Sense
Love Motivates Faithful Assembly
Loving Life and Seeing Good Days
Make Your Salvation Sure
Making the Right Choices for God
Matter of Conscience
Matters Of Faith Matter
Mechanical Instruments In Worship
Modern Day Elijahs
More Than Conquerors
Motorcycles, Walking Sticks and Old Age
My Spiritual Journey and My Money
Necessity of the Cross

New Testament Church No Christianity Without Self-Control
No Inheritance In The Kingdom Of Christ

Not Knowing The Scriptures

Nothing New Under The Sun
Now That Meeting is Over
Obeying The Gospel
Observing the Disciples of Jesus
Our Father In Heaven
Our God is Powerful and Eternal
Our Heavenly Father Sent Jesus
Our Heavenly Journey
Our Relationship With Other People
Our Spiritual Journey
Parable of the Growing Seed
Parable of the Net
People Who Blessed My Life
Person Transformed By Christ
Peter - Problem of Sin
Physical Blessings From God

Please Help Change Our World
Practical Christianity For Daily Living
Prayer and Thanksgiving
Preaching Done The Right Way
Present State & Final Destiny of Righteousness
Questions About Baptism
Rejoice For The Right Reasons
Relationships To Christ Found In The Book Of Philippians
Remember The Poor
Remember The Poor (1)
Result of Blood Atonement
Rules For Bible Study
Running Fast For God
Set Your Mind
Seven Hated Things
Seven More Days of Grace
Shall Your Brethren Go To War...
Sheep on the Outside, but...
Simple Steps Bring A Big Change
Simple Truths Revealed By Ezekiel
Simplicity of New Testament Christianity
Sin Controls, Corrupts And Condemns
Sin Is Exceeding Sinful
Sing Praise to the Lord Most High
Soul Searching Questions
Spiritual Blessings Are In Christ
Spiritual Blessings From God
Spiritual Encouragement For Graduates
Stand for God and Gain the Victory
Steadfast For The Lord
Storms Do Come In Life
Study The Bible For Yourself
Superstorm Sandy: The Warnings Were Rejected
Tar Balls, Dead Birds and Babies
Temptations And Victory Over Them
Thank God For The Faithful
"That's As Funny As Hell"
The Amazing Grace of God
The Bible is Simple, But There Are Some Difficult Text #1
The Bible-One Of God's Great Gifts To Man
The Blessings of a Godly Mother
The Church And Our Community
The Church In The Bible
The Church Of Christ Can Be Strong
The "Church" or Denominations
The Church Jesus Built
The Conversion of the Eunuch
The Curse and Cure of Worldliness
The Death of Jesus Christ For Our Sins
The Devil Is Doing It Again
The Devices of Satan
The Farmer Focuses On Evangelism
The Fear of God
The Gift of God's Grace
The God of Christianity
The Gospel By Which You Are Saved
The Greatness Of The Church
The Hand, A special Gift From God
The Meaning Of Life
The Need For Brotherly Kindness
The Need For Christian Unity
The Person Transformed by Christ
The Problem With Denominationalism
The Repulsiveness and Blackness of Christmas
The Right Attitude Toward Personal Responsibility
The Sinner and Salvation
The Trouble With Not Knowing
The Unalterable Truth Of God
The Vine and the Branches
Then Comes The End
Things That Endure
Things The Reconciled Should Know
This Book Called The Bible
Those Members Who Build Up And Bless The Church
Those Who Follow God
Those Who Stay Faithful
Those That Satan Has Bound
Those That Win Souls
Thou Shalt Call His Name Jesus
Three Searching Questions
Timothy - Our Brother
To Die Is Gain
To Have The Good Life
To Please God We Must Live It, Not Just Talk It
To The Shame Of Doeg
Truths Believed Among Us
Undenominational Church of Christ
Understanding The Two Covenants
Up On Walton's Mountain
VBS 2011 Lessons
1  2  3  4  5
Victory From God
Unpracticed Christianity
Walk In Holiness
Walking By Faith
Walking Heaven's Roads Together
Walking In Truth
We Are All Addicts
We Meet All Kinds Of People
We Preach Christ Crucified
What Builds a Strong Church?
What Can Happen Because of You
What Can I Do?
What Can I Do For God?
What Did Daddy Leave Us?
What Did Jesus Mean When He Said...?
What Do We Know About Being Partners In The Lord's Work?
What Do We Know About Bible Baptism?
What Do We Know About Bible Unity?
What Do We Know About Contemporary Worship...?
What Do We Know About Faithfulness To Our Creator?
What Do We Know About God?
What Do We Know About Holiness?
What Do We Know About Jesus?
What Do We Know About Once Saved, Always Saved?
What Do We Know About Salvation?
What Do We Know About Sin?
What Do We Know About Daily Work For God?
What Do We Know About Spiritual Growth?
What Do We Know About The Atonement?
What Do We Know About The Birth Of Jesus?
What Do We Know About The Bible?
What Do We Know About The Church?
What Do We Know About The State & Destiny of the Wicked?
What Do We Know About The Fear Of The Lord?
What Do We Know About The Resurrection Of Jesus?
What Do We Know About Self Control?
What Do We Know About Those Who Wear The Name Christian?
What Do We Know About Worship?
What Do We Know About The Attitudes And Actions Of Worship?
What Do We Know About What God Authorized?
What Does God Think About Homosexuality?
What Does Indifference Do?
What Does Jesus Believe About Our Personal Responsibility?
What Happens if I Sin After Becoming a Christian?
What is Involved in Christian Responsibility?
What is Involved in Salvation?
What Is The Will Of God?
What is Your Life?
What Jesus Believed About God
What Should Church Expect of Me?
What Should Our Focus Be?
What The Lord Requires
When Christ is Lord
When Troubles Come
When We Live Our Christianity Daily
Where Sacrificial Love Leads
Who is a Disciple or Follower?
Who Is That On That Truck?
Who Is Jesus?
Who Is This Jesus?
Who Is This Jesus People Talk About Today?
Who is this one called Jesus
Who Is Your Master?
Why Do We Believe What We Believe?
Will The United States Repeat The Sins Of Israel?
Wisdom for Young People
Word of God
Words Seldom Heard
Words That Challenge and Change
You Can Be Happy If...
You Had Better Ask God First

By Darrell Powell

A Hard Knocks Life (For the Wicked)
A Penitent Spirit
A Place for Everyone
A Mind To Work
Amnon Ruined By Friendship
Are Denominations Authorized?
Are You Living For Christ?
Back to Bible Baptism
Before You Abort
Be Careful Little Mouth
Be What You Ought To Be
Born Again
Brevity Of Life
Can God Make His Home With You
Children of God
Children of the Flood
Does Love For God Affect Life
Do Everything With Love
Do You Even Love Him?
Do You Sin Against Your Parents?
Drop Outs
Everyday Rules for God's Children
Fire Will Test Work
Have Courage
He Laughed
How To Be What You Need To Be
How to Keep Your Way Pure
I Hope You Can't Sleep
If I Were The Devil
In Times Of Trouble
Influence in the Community
Into Our Hands
Is Safe Better Than Sorry?
I Will Question You
Live Peaceably

Jesus Is The Door
Living For God Today
Love One Another

Necessity of Sincerity
No One Can Serve Two Masters
No Right Way To Do The Wrong Thing
No Right Way To Do Wrong Obey and Honor
Once Saved, Always Saved
Pet Grizzly Bear
Please Remove The Hull
Restarting the Race
Return to Innocence
Safe In His Arms
Self Control
Summer Plans
Sunsets Can Be Beautiful
The Father's Mercy
The Worth of Heaven
Three Steps to Heaven
Truth Has Nothing to Hide
Two Are Better Than One
Waiting In Line
What Does God Desire?
What Is Your Soul Worth
When Doing Right Hurts
When I Want to Sin
Where Will You Be?
Who Am I
Who Are You Seeking To Please?
Who Is A Rich Man
Why Are You Waiting?
With All My Heart
Will You Be Ready?
Will You Deny Him?
Yes Lord, We Will Ride With You
Youth Ask Good Questions

By Josh Webster

Good Listener
Learn Compassion
Mirrors Do Not Lie
Never Quit
Owner's Manual
Tax Time
What Keeps You From Bible Study
Without Partiality

By Jeff Stacy

Add Knowledge
Add Temperance
Why Live Godly